WL Subscription Payments

Now Automate All Your Recurring Payment Collections

Recurring revenues are core to financial services - from insurance premiums to SIPs to loan repayments. With Worldline Subscription Payments, now offer easy and tailored subscription plans to your customers, through a platform that is built for automation.

WL Subscription Payments
Why Us?
  • Worldline has the best success ratios in Industry
    • Auto re-presentment of transactions
  • Physical & Online Modes Convergence
  • Multi-mode Management
    • Common mandate form design to setup mandates/instructions for NACH, Direct debit
    • Efficiency based instruction set up on NACH or Direct debit
    • Paperless electronic standing instruction lodgement for debit cards and accounts
    • Multi-location truncation services for mandates
    • Auto mode switch for confirmed registrations
  • Comprehensive payment mode coverage
  • Proven Operational Competency
  • Multiple value-added services
Make Your Subscription Payments Frictionless With The Worldline Advantages

Offer your customers a variety of payment methods to choose from for the subscription. All payment modes offering in recurring solution are compliant with RBI's regulations.

Payments Frictionless
NACH and Direct Debit

Paper based payment solutions that enables merchants to streamline collection of recurring payments.

  • 953 Banks - 75000+ bank branches
  • Coverage: Direct Arrangement with 16+ major banks
  • Simple mandate form
  • Quick mandate validation
  • Unique ID for each mandate
  • Comprehensive MIS Module
  • T+1 Settlement TAT
  • Automated SMS alerts
  • NPCI service model

e-NACH is a new payment service where mandates are registered in a real time basis with customers net banking / debit card details.

  • Real time mandate realization
  • Governed by NPCI
  • 35 net banking and 23 debit card banks available
  • Single integration across NPCI
  • Standard NACH transaction process

e-SIGN is where mandates are registered basis customers Aadhaar card details.

  • No need of account credentials to validate the mandate
  • No paperwork required
  • Standard TAT of T+2 for mandate registration
  • Can be authorized through OTP or Biometric
  • More than 15+ banks available for eSIGN
  • Governed by NPCI

e-Mandate is an innovative paperless recurring payment solution that is conceptualized and developed by Worldline to provide efficient collection mechanism for our partners.

  • Real time mandate realization
  • No paperwork required
  • Supports 4 Major banks – SBI, Axis, ICICI, HDFC
  • Bilateral arrangement between banks and Worldline
  • Same day transaction status.
  • T+1 Settlement TAT
Standing Instruction (SI) on cards

An electronic payment solution that enables customer to pay recurring payments without manual intervention by registering to digital mandate on cards.

  • Real time mandate realization
  • No paperwork required
  • Available on all domestic Visa, Master Credit Cards, ICICI Debit Cards and Amex Cards
  • Frictionless Payment Integration
  • Single Integration across multiple modes

Our cloud platforms offer an unparalleled combination of our products, services, and technology on a fully hosted automated model.

Customer Center

Customer Center is a cloud-based platform that provides visibility and control for end to end mandate, transaction, and exception management.

  • Merchants can give transactional instruction to Worldline by uploading files such as mandate registration file and debit transaction file on Customer Center.
  • Merchants can also download the response files against registration and transaction files they submit.
  • Real time registration and transaction processing statistics to the merchants.
  • Consolidated dashboard with analytics.
  • Dashboard access can be provided to their inhouse users
  • Role and rights management
  • Operational console in the hands of the merchant
Customer Center

Scan Center - Mobile App/SDK for Mandate Scanning

A mobile application that provides the functionality to capture the mandate images, save it in the app gallery and upload the captured images to the Worldline server directly.

  • Mandate Capture by inputting the consumer code
  • Each end user must register themselves for login which makes it secure
  • Multiple number of users can be onboarded
  • Prefixed mandate capture screen so that anyone will be able to seamlessly capture mandates
  • Auto sync functionality to save capture time
  • Polygonal cropping
  • Options to turn ON/OFF the auto sync and cropping features
  • Bulk upload from Gallery
  • Enable operations at source
Scan Center
Specialised Solutions
Recurring Payment Profile (RPP) Solution

Recurring Payment Profile (RPP) solution enables a merchant with detailed information about outstanding subscribed monthly payments. The merchant can send SMS or email to customers along with a payment link to collect payments on the same channel instantly.

  • Enables merchant to send reminder SMS/email to customer along with payment link. It enables automated reminders and payment on single channel, leading to higher conversion.
  • Helping merchants eliminate the hassles associated with Offline payment collection thus reducing their costs and operational efficiencies.
  • Wide range of payment options to choose from as per merchant’s requirement.
  • In case merchant wants to send bulk requests, the bulk payment request upload option will enable the customer to upload an excel file with customer and payment details.
  • Dashboard and Analytics for the merchants to check payment status and real-time payment analytics.

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