Whether you are delivering food to your customers or coming to pick up
goods at one of your stores, you can quickly send them a secure
payment link through your preferred sales channel via SMS or Email.

You Can Collect Payments In These Easy Steps
via LinkPay dashboard

Worldline Advantages For Your Business

  • Easily create payment links as per your business requirements

  • Offer multiplepayment methods as per your customer preferences

  • Customised payment link validity to set an expiry date suiting your business use case

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Payment Link?

Worldline Payment link is the best and easiest way for you to accept the payment through a securely generated weblink/URL.

What can I do with Worldline Payment Link?

Worldline payment link is the fastest medium for accepting the payments for your product directly into your bank account from customers.

How can I send Worldline Payment Link?

You can send the securely Worldline payment link to customer either on email, and SMS

How do I make Worldline Payment Link?

You can create a Worldline payment link by following the below simpliest steps :

  1. Go to Payment link generation page of Worldline.
  2. Fill the customer information and amount requested.
  3. Enter send button to push the payment link to the customer.

Can I attached Invoice to the payment link?

Yes, you can attached the Invoice to payment link send to customer.

Can I send Payment request in Bulk?

Yes, you can send the payment request in bulk through Worldline link Pay solution.