A Cost-Effective Way To Accept Contactless Payments

Businesses across the country now have an option to accept contactless payments directly via their Android smartphones. Worldline SoftPOS provides a cost-effective card acceptance solution that eliminates the need to invest in a POS machine.

Who Can Use Worldline SoftPOS?

Worldline SoftPoS enables different use-cases, also bringing different benefits for each.

Small and medium businesses:

For micro, small business, freelancers, kiranas, etc. the low costs and quick way to accept contactless payments with multiple benefits.

Retail businesses:

For supermarkets, homeware stores, apparel stores, etc. Worldline SoftPoS can enable flexible checkout at the points on the sales and freedom from queues along with doorstep delivery.

Restaurants and food delivery platforms:

For hotels, food courts, food delivery etc. Worldline SoftPoS can enable doorstep payments, tableside ordering, self-checkout options at tables and many more use-cases.

Service-based businesses :

Worldline SoftPOS can assist in doorstep payments, for theatres, beauty salons, at-home services (carpenters, repairs, etc.) and BFSI collections via agents etc.

Businesses on-the-go:

The portability of Worldline SoftPoS can act as an advantage for the businesses on-the-go like door-to-door tradespersons, food trucks, etc.

Multiple payment modes. One app.

Tap and Pay

The portability of Worldline SoftPoS can act as an advantage for the businesses on-the-go like door-to-door tradespersons, food trucks, etc.

QR Payments:

Enable contactless commerce to enhance customer experience with the convenience of a simple scan of a QR code.

Link Payments:

Deliver goods to your customers and accept payments through remote links, wherever they are.

That’s not all, you get additional features
with Worldline SoftPOS


The app can record and store credit transactions the same way it is done in a local kirana store with provision to send payment ledgers along with a payment link to the customer.

Cash Register:

It can record cash transactions making it convenient for the merchant to keep a record of all expenses.

Online Dukkan:

Create catalogue of items available and offer convenience in ordering for your customer.

Worldline SoftPOS Advantages

Merchant Perspective

  • • No extra hardware needed
  • • High scalability
  • • Portable and mobile
  • • Low monthly costs
  • • Ideal for different business use-cases especially SMBs
  • • Ideal as a tool for quick check-out

Acquirer Perspective

  • • Remote and low cost onboarding
  • • Low maintenance cost
  • • Quick and easy set-up
  • • Low operational cost
  • • Gives high flexibility for the merchants

Why choose Worldline?

Most trusted payments
player in India

With 20+ years of payment experience in India, we are one of the most preferred partners of choice for all leading banks, retail brands, e-commerce companies,
NBFCs, Insurance, start-ups and SMBs in India.

We help you build customer
relationships and grow revenue

With a choice of wide array of payment methods, successful transactions and a seamless experience, we help you win and retain customers.

Fast and easy integration

Our solutions integrate into your existing payment platforms and can easily accommodate all your specific use cases.

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