10 Essential Payment Gateway Features For Receiving Payments On Your Website

Worldline Editorial Team

As a business owner, one of the most important aspects of running your online store is ensuring customers have a seamless payment experience. After all, if customers can't conduct payments quickly and easily, they are likely to abandon the purchase. That's why choosing the right payment gateway and payment service provider (PSP) for your e-commerce website is essential.

In this article, we will share our insights on ten essential features when selecting a PSP or payment gateway for your website. From simple setup processes to automated invoicing and customer support options, these features are crucial for making payments a hassle-free experience. So let's get started.

In this article, let us understand more about payment aggregators:

Quick Setup Process

Choosing the right PSP involves looking at how quickly they can get you up and running. So make sure that the provider you select has a quick setup process so that you don't have any problems getting set up quickly after signing up with them.

Flexible Payment Options

Offering customers different ways to pay for their purchases is critical for optimal user experience on your website. Whether it's credit/debit cards, net banking or UPI, ensure that your PSP or payment gateway allows customers to pay via multiple channels without hassle or disruption.

Automated Payment Processing

Let's face it – no one likes manual work! Automated payment processing can help streamline payments on your website so that customers don't have to waste time filling in tedious forms during checkout. It also helps reduce the risk of errors occurring in the process.

Customized Subscriptions

Customized Subscriptions make it easier for customers to make repeated purchases by setting up a scheduled payment cycle. This simplifies the billing process by doing all the work behind the scenes, so business owners don't have to worry about it.

Multi-Currency Support

If you want to expand your reach outside of the country, offering support for multiple currencies is essential. This feature will allow customers from different countries to pay readily without having to worry about exchange rate fluctuations or other factors. It can also help increase your revenue stream by tapping into more markets.

Secure Payments

When it comes to securing your website, it is important to use a payment gateway or PSP that offers advanced security features such as 3D-Secure authentication, fraud protection and encryption. They should be compliant with regulations such as PCI-DSS requirements. These types of systems help protect customer data from potential hackers or scammers.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the rise of mobile devices, more and more people are using their smartphones to make payments online. Selecting a payment gateway that supports mobile devices and allows customers to make payments from any device will help improve the user experience on your website.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

To effectively manage customer payments, it is essential to have access to detailed reporting and analytics. A good PSP will provide real-time visibility into sales activity, customer information and other vital metrics related to online transactions happening on your website.

Customer Support

Issues can arise with business payments, so selecting a provider with reliable customer support is vital for smooth transactions. Also, look for providers who offer additional support services, such as training videos and FAQs.

Dedicated Account Manager

It is crucial to have someone who knows what they're doing when setting up accounts and integrating systems. A dedicated account manager can save business owners lots of time and effort in getting things done correctly and efficiently. Make sure to ask for a dedicated account manager before making a decision.


Those were the ten essential features to look for when selecting a payment service provider or payment gateway for your website. Taking these points into consideration, you can think of the Worldline Next Gen Payment Gateway that offers all the necessary features needed to provide a hassle-free experience for everyone involved in the transaction process.