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Worldline helps government entities harness the power of digital services to increase efficiency and transform the way they interact with their citizens. This allows, them to improve collections, provide better services to end-users, and optimize costs in an era of shrinking public budgets.


Worldline's key areas of expertise include automated traffic and parking enforcement solutions, e-government online and digital archiving services, automated tolling solutions, and digital healthcare information services.



Digitization (or Paperless services)


Worldline provides paperless, secured systems for better public services. By reducing paperwork and increasing process efficiency, governments can reduce waste and unnecessary costs. All solutions for governments or public or private companies are built around our proven expertise regarding user trust services. To know more about our highly secured digitized solutions for customer processes:


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e-Services Traffic Management


Traffic offence processing centers use Worldline's systems for the automated collection of traffic fines at a national, regional or local level. Our solutions cover the entire workflow including automated plate recognition, infraction recording, ticketing and fine collection.


  • Tolling: Free-flow tolling schemes based on satellite, microwave and/or camera technologies. Our solutions cover toll collection management, enforcement management, end user services and management systems.




Worldline provides a range of digital healthcare information services to governments and public sector entities involved in healthcare. Worldline manages and processes transactions for health insurance card systems. This connects patients to the health service system and links pharmacies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance schemes in order to manage the process of healthcare reimbursement. Santeos, Worldline’s French subsidiary provides a range of services from hospital management and prescription medicine collection to the management of sensitive medical data through the French personal medical records system.


  • Connected patient: a specific telemedicine program allows the sharing and exchanging of health data for 'hospitalized at home' patients. As the first health data hosting system agreed by French government, Worldline operates and is trusted with sensitive medical data collection.
  • Medical imaging: a Worldline innovation is our 'vendor neutral archive' (VNA) solution wich can handle both international regulations and usage as well as compliance with specific local requirements. Here, storage, archiving, remote comparison, and sharing complex medical imaging data safely are possible whatever imaging solution is used.
  • Health-care network: data sharing between specialized medicine disciplines.
  • Therapeutic education web-sites:from 'build to run' for dedicated national services.



Mobility & e-Transactional Services



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