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Worldline gives your business state-of-the-art online payment processing services with its payment gateway. Merchants can accept e-payments through various channels and in multiple currencies with this flexible, secure and trusted solution.



WL Internet Payment Solutions, built from scratch in India, is a payment processor meant for the unique needs of emerging economies.


  • With an entire ecosystem poised to make the big leap in e-payments, merchants in countries like India require a payment gateway that gives them the flexibility and scale their business demands.
  • Built on the robust technology that Worldline is renowned for, this platform provides seamless integration of a payment solution with merchant portals.

For the Merchant:

  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Flexible settlement and payment process
  • Extensive fraud prevention measures
  • Customization as per merchant website look-and-feel 

Customers look for reliable service providers while making online transactions.


Worldline provides the trust that customers, banks and merchants alike look for when it comes to transaction processing.


For the Customer:

  • Smart Checkout aided by simple and efficient stored card facility
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion to know the exact amount paid in home currency
  • Multiple Bank EMI facility for easy instalment options
  • Email Invoicing to keep track of online transactions

WL Internet Payment Solutions

WL Internet Payment Solutions help merchants accept online payments on their websites with no hassles. A feature-rich and secure gateway, Worldline's payment platform offers safe, quick and efficient payment processing.


Merchants: Looking for a safe, efficient payment gateway?

Looking for an quick way to pay online?

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